Arief Setiawan, The Actor and Songwriter of “ASMARAWEDA”
MANJAKANI Reveal A Cloudy Video with A  Gorgeous Setting for “ASMARAWEDA”

MANJAKANI are a folk duo hailing from Pontianak, Borneo. Comprised of Nabila and Taufan we have reviewed their debut single called “ASMARAWEDA” about five months ago. Since then, the duo have secretly preparing a project and it’s the music video for their debut single. It was first initiated by director Fietra Rey Pratama in a form of concept. Later on, the concept was developed and turned into reality. When we first saw the setting of the music video, we could not help but admire the details of all the properties. Dominated in white color, the lyrics of “ASMARAWEDA” are interpreted into physical gestures that is played by an actor who is also the songwriter of this song, Arief Setiawan. The actor does theatrical movement in order to convey the message behind this song. “ASMARAWEDA” tells about the true nature of everything and in the video a human is portrayed to do the same routine over and over again until he has had enough. That routine includes waking up, going to work and then back again.

The visual is then enhanced with a little lighting play on the set. Taufan and Nabila also make appearance on the video in several scenes but not interacting with the actor. The whole vibe of the video matches the acoustic and intimate tone of the song. We would love to see a smoother camera work and lighting for MANJAKANI’s next video though. MANJAKANI are now in the midst of preparing a mini album. There is also a lyrics video for the single in case you want to sing along to their tune. The duo were reported to do several live shows as well, and even went as far as Malaysia to perform. With this video, MANJAKANI hope to be able to connect with their listeners everywhere, even outside of Pontianak. Let yourself get lost in the stream of clouds on MANJAKANI’s music video for “ASMARAWEDA” that you can watch below.