Kunto Aji Mercusuar Music Video
Rio Dewanto and Faradina Mufti
Kunto Aji Presents New Music Video for “Mercusuar” Starring Rio Dewanto and Faradina Mufti

What happened if you get stranded on an island with a beautiful stranger who takes care of you? Singer Kunto Aji collaborates with director Yandy Laurens to present an amazing music video for his single “Mercusuar”. Kunto Aji personally said that this song is the most poetic track on his album and he puts it very close to his heart. A while ago the single has been released digitally and since then it has gained a strong airplay on radio all across the country as well as picked up streams on digital streaming services. Two days ago, the music video of the single was premiered starring actor Rio Dewanto and actress Faradina Mufti. These two act on a simple plot line created by the director in which Rio Dewanto got stranded on an island with only Faradina Mufti to help him regain his strength to come home. Kunto Aji further explains the reason behind his decision to collaborate with Yandy, “I see Yandy as an artist who treat his work with such details and he keeps the quality of his work very well. His orientation is to create. Not making a commercial creation, but making a creation that is alive, well, and ideal. As an artist I can relate to Yandy.”

Yandy Laurens interprets the meaning of the song with the interaction between the actors on this music video. We are served with a short movie completed with dialogues showing the growing relationship between the couple. “I made it like a short movie with a little dialogue. There is a portrayal of a comfortable feeling that is shown while they are together, in silence without having to think about a topic to keep the interaction going. A secure situation, just like the song Mercusuar that feels the same way. Feels like going home,” utters Yandy Laurens. Rio Dewanto undoubtedly shows his superb acting on this video even though he talks very little. While Faradina Mufti also manages to balance it out with her eyes and facial expression which show affection and concern towards Rio. If you watch the music video and truly absorb the meaning of the lyrics to your heart, then we highly suggest you to prepare tissue. This video is not meant for those who are soft-hearted, the beautiful cinematography will bedazzle your eyes as well. Without further ado, here is Kunto Aji’s music video for “Mercusuar”.