Bin Idris Jalan Bebas Hambatan Music Video
Jalan Dalem Wangi, Haikal Azizi’s residence in Bandung
Bin Idris Chronicles Life on The Road with “Jalan Bebas Hambatan” Video

If you have a chance to dwell deeper into Bin Idris debut solo album that has been released this year, you will find similar tones in his songs. Bin Idris or also known as Haikal Azizi portrays a rather serious and deep topics in his songs, but one song stands out and instantly raises a question because of its lightness and laid back feel and the song is called “Jalan Bebas Hambatan”. Through a press release, Haikal admits, “Initially I hesitated a little bit to put this song into this album because I’m afraid that the tone will not blend together with the rest of the songs. Compared to other 10 songs, this one is far more relaxed with a little bit effort to be funny.” On 21 April 2017, a music video for this single has been revealed and it shows a metaphorical and theatrical reinterpretation of the song.

Bin Idris Jalan Bebas Hambatan Music Video
Behind the scene of Jalan Bebas Hambatan music video

Lyrically, “Jalan Bebas Hambatan” was inspired by Haikal Azizi’s trip to his parents’ house in Depok. He has to travel from Bandung to Depok through Cipularang highway by car and coming home becomes such a nice routine to him since he could enjoy the view on the road, prepare a playlist to accompany him all the way through, and even stop by the rest area to have some snack. He already thought about making a music video for this song and then Anggun Priambodo lent a hand to direct this video and voila, the director came up with an absurd, one-of-a-kind concept video that will intrigue those who watch. Anggun Priambodo offered the concept of having a trip home by walking backwards with mirrors and rear window intact. Haikal Azizi has to do this stunt in front of the public, starting from his residence in Bandung at Dalem Wangi, through a bustling market, and ends up at the gateway of Cikarang Utama highway. The shooting process took one day to finish and Haikal put his pride aside to do this brave performance art. Watch the video of “Jalan Bebas Hambatan” below and you might recognize some familiar places he goes to. You can stream Bin Idris album released via Orange Cliff Records here.