Wake Up, Iris! Prelude Showcase 2017
Vania and Bie Paksi from Wake Up, Iris!
Wake Up, Iris! Sing About Life in Their First Studio Single “Metanoia”

Remember the butterfly effect? A simple choice no matter how small, could have a big impact in your life. That’s the core message of Wake Up, Iris! first studio single “Metanoia”. On Record Store Day 2017 that fell on 22 April 2017, the single was uploaded digitally on Soundcloud and Spotify and we decided that this song is the perfect choice for our music section. Coincidentally, we also often watch Wake Up, Iris! perform this song on their live set and since have been wondering when will it be available in store. The song opens with a light acoustic guitar from Bie Paksi, then Vania Marisca starts to play melodies on her violin that takes us to a vast land of tall grass. The song then showcases the harmony of both voices and the lyrics are just full of optimism and hopeful messages to those who listen. It is a perfect song to motivate and encourage you to do better, be better and dream bigger. “Metanoia” is definitely worth to be added on your folk music playlist.

Wake Up, Iris! Prelude Showcase 2017 Metanoia
Prelude Showcase 2017 Poster

Beforehand, Wake Up, Iris! have revealed the live forest session of “Rain’s Tale” and this single release is also one step closer to the launching of their debut album. “The release of thing single becomes one of our promise fulfillment early this year, we will keep working and we’re currently preparing our album that hopefully could be enjoyed soon,” says Bie Paksi. On this day, 26th April 2017, Wake Up, Iris! also start their journey on a tour called “Prelude Showcase 2017”. They will begin their show in Jakarta tonight by visiting Demajors Radio and Coffee War. The showcase aims to spread their music to a wider audience. A total of 11 spots will be visited during their journey located at Jakarta and Bandung, and they will wrap up the tour on May 3rd 2017. Moreover they also give an explanation about “Metanoia” in their own words. “Just like the meaning of the title, Metanoia is a word that describes a life changing journey, thought and heart of someone. Our journey so far has really changed us and of course, the showcase that we will embark afterwards will bring a more significant change in our lives. We believe, that words and songs that we sing are like prayers,” add the band from Malang. Listen to “Metanoia” below through Soundcloud.