Sanctuary A Splendour Remembrance EPEmocore Unit, Sanctuary Unveil “A Splendour Remembrance” EP

An emotive hardcore unit from Bandung which was formed in 2012, Sanctuary, have finally revealed their new EP called “A Splendour Remembrance”. On 20 April 2017, the album has been made available with its digital and physical format for the listeners to enjoy. Previously, Sanctuary have released their first single “Humana Inopia” which we have reviewed as well on this site. The new EP is filled with four songs including the aforementioned single. It was recorded at Depthbase Recs with their DIY CD. Ridwan (vocal), Biman (guitar), Diki (guitar), Noza (bass), and Dian (drum) offer a fusion between traditional hardcore vocal styling with its skramz with emo instrumental. Not many people know that this band has gone through several member changes until they become the Sanctuary we know today. The addition of members also play a part in shaping their music in “A Splendour Remembrance”.

Sanctuary cited bands like Being As An Ocean, Defeater, and Touche Amore as their influences in making music. Other three songs in the album are “Wallflower”, “Reincarnation” and “The Aphrodite’s Demeanor”. The complicated titles of the songs actually are just metaphors used by the members of the band to describe their experiences. They said that the songs in this EP are filled with stories from each member from what they see, experience, and feel. Albeit the poetic titles, they avoided putting too much in the lyrics and just gave enough portion that best describes what the members feel. We enjoy listening to “Wallflower” as well as “The Aphrodite’s Demeanor”. You can listen all the songs in this album on their Soundcloud account below and if you want to buy the CD, place your order through Sanctuary’s social media like Twitter or Instagram. FYI, the name of this band is taken from a song title from band Counterparts, called “The Sanctuary” taken from the album “Prophets”.