Higashikawa Photography Festival and International Student ExchangePhotography City in Japan, Higashikawa Held Photography Festival and International High School Student Exchange for The Third Time!

Higashikawa, a city located at Hokkaido, Japan has declared itself as a photography city since 1985 and since then has started several programs of student exchange to learn more about the culture of photography. In 2017, the government of Higashikawa city once again held an international student exchange program for high school students from 28 July to 2 August 2017. 14 countries are eligible to join the exchange program and those countries are Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Canada, USA, and Australia. For Indonesia, the students whose schools are located in Jakarta are allowed to join the program. By registering themselves in the photography festival by filling out the form here, the participants who are selected to represent their school will have a chance to present their photographs in front of professional and experts of photography. The registration has been opened and it will run until 12 May 2017 at 15.00 PM Western Indonesia time.

This marks the third year of the government to officially open this program since it first started in 2015. The purpose of the program is to widen the network and deepen the communication between the high school students in international level. The countries that are eligible to register are those who have maintained a cooperation with Higashikawa city. One accompanying teacher, and a total of 3 students will be selected from one school and they will fly to Jpaan to join the Photography Festival. On that stage, the participants will join three sessions of photo shooting with themes and locations already set by the committee. Then, 3 best pictures are selected by the participants to be presented in front of the judges, with rewards and awards promised for the winners. For two years in a row, Global Jaya High School have sent their representatives to the festival. We are curious to see if this year’s representatives from Indonesia will come from the same school or it will be taken over by another? Let’s see and give our best support to the young generation of photography. To know more about Higashikawa city, head here.

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