Heidi Nasution The Girl with The Hair Soon FinlandThe Girl With The Hair Gives an Intimate Touch with Single “Soon Finland”

Heidi Nasution, a girl with her guitar with a stage name of The Girl With The Hair (TGWTH) has revealed a new single called “Soon Finland”. It arrived on our inbox just in time for our writers to decide that the song befits as our Music Wednesday pick. The song tells about her personal wish and it narrates her future plans and dreams. The song opens with her delicate guitar picks, then Heidi’s strong vocals wrap us in a sweet fuzzy feeling that is best described as a feeling of getting swayed in awe and adoration. She goes on lulling us with beautiful words that make us want to travel to Finland as well. A layer of backing vocal on the chorus emphasizes her powerful intonation and articulation, and when there is none, Heidi put on an impressive performance on her own. Her upbringing in this single reminds us of Laura Marling in her early years. Not many female folk singer dares to go solo, so The Girl With The Hair is one of the asset that Indonesia should cherish. “Soon Finland” is just the beginning, and we expect a lot from her in the future.

Heidi Nasution could be said as a music prodigy as she has been active in making music since she was 12 years old. When she hit the age of sixteen, she utilized Soundcloud to introduce her original compositions that were also shared with her closest friends. She has performed on several occasions singing her originals as well as covering other musicians. The 19-year-old girl from Bogor creates folk music that centers around her personal experience, whether it’s sadness, happiness, or gratitude. Being asked about “Soon Finland”, the singer explains, “The song is one of the medium where I could pour out my feelings and thoughts.” It is not surprising when she reveals that the song which is produced by Bagus Bayu Santoso only took a day to finish recording. This debut single is one of the few that will be included in her project called “Entitas Pendek”. Afterwards, the rest of her venture is still unwritten and we assume that the young musician still has a long way to go. Listen to “Soon Finland” on the link below and when you’re on it, check out her Soundcloud as well.