Lamebrain Repulse SingleLamebrain Express Vexation with New Single “Repulse” + Cassette Tape Release Will Be Out During Record Store Day 2017

Are you fed up with our country’s heated up political situation right now? Do you feel that the governor election in Jakarta is overblown by major media? If the answer is yes, then Lamebrain feel the same way as you do. A new single called “Repulse” sees the rock band from Bandung expressing their frustration and annoyance of the current situation in Indonesia. As the days go by, our citizens are not getting any wiser or smarter and they are easily swayed and provoked by the news spread through the media and social media. “Repulse” will be released shortly and different from their previous releases which are thick with blues-rock ambience, this single is heavy with progressive chords. It is aggressive right from the start, and the song is later toned down when the vocal comes in with its echoing effect. The song was produced by Adhit Android, the bassist of Helmproyek who is also known as an excellent sound engineer so the quality of “Repulse” should not be doubted.

As a band, Lamebrain also explore the songwriting process in this single so it results in a better diction and rhymes. The song from Lamebrain is no longer released under Dermaga Records, instead they release it independently. “Repulse” will be repressed on a cassette tape format and revealed during Record Store Day 2017. Besides this single, Lamebrain also include another song called “Ace Combat” which is no less aggressive on the tape. The digital format will follow up after the physical format is launched. An event held during RSD 2017 at Brick and Barell will become the first time Lamebrain perform this single and the cassette tapes will be sold there as well. Listen to the preview of “Repulse” on the link below and buy the records once it is out.

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