Markidelic Out Of Stock SingleMarkidelic Released A Trippy Dark Single titled “Out of Stock”

Indie music in Indonesia has developed very rapidly, but not many of indie artists chose hip hop/dark ambient genre, as what the solo rapper Markidelic bravely does. Coming from Banda Aceh, the porch of Mecca,  Markidelic was a solo project from Thanta Fadhli. The genre he chooses is a refreshment in Indonesia’s indie music industry trend, offering a new excitement for indie music fans. Recently, Markidelic released a new hip hop/dark ambient single titled “Out of Stock” onto his Soundcloud account. Markidelic collaborates with Danger Dope for “Out of Stock”, in which the musician gave a touch of samplng music. “Out of Stock” tries to depict dark potrait behind mundane things, like drug trips and victim blaming. It talks about self-discovery process of teenagers, and how adults usually miss the process.

The story of the single is quite extraordinary, as it bravely resists the usual trend of love songs theme. There were not much Indonesian songs that talk about social issue, but “Out of Stock” boldly chooses to talk about more than just love scene. However, it is hard to enjoy the single if you weren’t a fan of the genre. The music is trippy and dark resembling those voices that haunt you at night. As a rapper, Markidelic already got a nice flow in him but he got a long way to go in the lyrics department.With more eloquence in flow, beat, rhythm and words, we could see him playing in a packed hiphop club in the future. Moreover, The intro and outro of the song was filled with a cut of Jeff Wayne’s Red Weed part 2 about Mars inhabitants who injected themselves with human blood, gave even more gruesome impression of the song. The solo rapper would release his EP debut in April 20th, 2017.