Answer Sheet MeditateAnswer Sheet Return to The Scene with Triumphant Single “Meditate”

Answer Sheet are a trio live loop alternative pop hailing from Yogyakarta and recently they have released a new single called “Meditate”. They were last seen producing an album back in 2012 and a live single in 2014. In 2017, some changes are made to the band’s new format. Instead of duo ukulele, Answer Sheet have transformed into three member band with the addition of guitar, bass and live loop. How does their new song “Meditate” sound? On our regular segment of Music Wednesday, let’s dissect it altogether. If we would like to compare the new one to one of Answer Sheet’s previous single like “Stay Leave”, the answer is it is vastly different yet it still retains their charm. The major difference lays on its music background, the electric guitar sound and live loop add a more mature and mysterious sound to their new single. The live looping that they did in the beginning of the song makes it sound ambient-like and we do not complain at all. The title “Meditate” represent the new direction that the band are into, it is a sound that we would love to meditate with.

Answer Sheet MeditateAnswer Sheet are one of the band that could prove that an addition of new member and music’s exploration could enhance their existing characteristic which we also loved back then. The band that are comprised of Wafiq “Ogi” Giotama (Vocal, Ukulele, Live Loop), Suryo Baskoro (Lead Guitar) and Faizal Aditya R (Bass) said that “Meditate” depicts a human’s condition while meditating starting from calming down the body, closing the eyes, self reflecting and opening a new vision. Regarding the change in their members, Faizal says wisely, “We don’t need to blame each other, but we have to be self-aware so a better working environment will be created.” Besides the audio format, Answer Sheet also revealed a live session video which was shot inside a beauty salon in Yogyakarta. You could download it for free in limited number if you access their website, and you can also listen to the single on digital streamin services soon. Welcome back Answer Sheet, “Meditate” is great so keep it up!