Layung Temaram Pulang Rumah VideoThis Music Video from Layung Temaram, “Pulang Rumah” Will Make You Miss Home

The folk collective hailing from Surabaya, Layung Temaram have released their music video for single “Pulang Rumah” three days ago on their Youtube channel. The visual was first introduced during a launching event held by the band at Wisma Jerman Surabaya on Feburary 28th 2017. The event was aimed to put together fellow indie musicians, record labels, media to mingle, and also to test the response and feedback from Layung Temaram’s peers about the music video. “Pulang Rumah” is the debut single from the band whose members are not native to Surabay city. Since their debut, Ega Evanie (vocal, guitar), Galang Rendy (vocal, synthesizer, glockenspiel), Danu Diptya (guitar, vocal), and Fazar Abdul Razaq (drum, cajon) have gained the interest from indie music scene and they recently was chosen to perform at 7th Music Gallery.

The music video was directed by Abi Anugara with Ricky Wijaya and the shooting process took more than 2 months starting from 7 December 2016 to 21 February 2017. The band involved several indie musicians from Surabaya to star in the music video and they are Arief from Blingsatan, Rifqy from The Flins Tone, Eri Rukmana from Hi Mom!, and Sesa from Cotswolds. The video showcases the feeling of relief after people got home from such a long journey. We are also taken to a trip across Surabaya in this video, since we could see the streets, spots and also their personal spaces in this video. After the premiere event, the video was uploaded on March 15th 2017. They had another song as well that you could check out on their Youtube called “Untitled (Lisa)”. Although they are relatively new and only have few songs under their belt, they have managed to broaden their brand by having live gigs pretty often. Watch the music video of “Pulang Rumah” by Layung Temaram below.