Mondo Gascaro Butiran Angin VideoMondo Gascaro Unveils The Visual of “Butiran Angin” as The Soundtrack of Movie “Labuan Hati”

Mondo Gascaro‘s latest album “RAJAKELANA” could not be separated with ocean or beach as its underlying theme. It is only right that one of the song from the album called “Butiran Angin” is chosen to be the soundtrack of a movie centered around a renown fishing town named “Labuan Hati”. The movie tells a story of three women who met while they were traveling to Labuan Bajo at Flores. Right then, they made friends and grew closer until a man named Mahesa came along and put their friendship in danger. The movie aims to expose the beauty of Labuan Bajo and also portrays three independent and strong women as the center of the story. It is directed by filmmaker Lola Amaria and starring Nadine Chandrawinata and Ramon Y. Tungka as the main leads. It took her two years before finally finding the right script for the film which is written by Titin Wattimena. Lola fell in love with the charm of Labuan Bajo and she felt the need to share it with as many people as she could through a movie.

Mondo Gascaro Butiran Angin Video
Labuan Hati Actresses

Moreover, Mondo Gascaro was reached out by Lola to fill in the soundtrack of this movie and he agreed. “Butiran Angin” showcases the feelings using the metaphors of natural scenes, oceans, and wind. The movie and the song go hand in hand like they were a match made in heaven of Labuan Bajo. The music video compiles two scenes, one is the still cuts from the movie “Labuan Hati”, while the other focuses on Mondo Gascaro who strolls around a beach with his ukulele, picnic mat, and coconut. The tone is slightly darker than his previous videos “Naked”. It is produced by Lola Amaria with Tika Pramesti as the director and editor of the music video. If you have been listening to this song beforehand, you’ll notice the change in its pace and melody when it hits 3:13 marks and in the video it is represented by a scene when the actress dives into the ocean, such a perfect timing. Watch the music video of “Butiran Angin” by Mondo Gascaro below and check out “Labuan Hati” when it hits theaters