Crimson Diary Tiada Lagi Mimpi BurukCrimson Diary Stun with The Latest Video for “Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk”

If you might remember, last February the group fronted by Bill Walesa (vocal, guitar), Mukhlis Huda (guitar), Agung ‘Bampho’ (bass), and Dyan (drum) have revealed the music video for “Freja”. On March, taken from the same album titled Crimson Diary (Diary of Crimson), the alternative rock band from Malang launched its second video for “Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk”. Written by Bill Walessa, the single tells about a thought that haunts you in your sleep until it creates nightmare. It was inspired by his experience in the past and thankfully, Bethap form visual collective Kata Lensa was able to translate it into a music video.

This song was a material that I created around 2003 and based on my personal experience. It’s about someone who is afraid to sleep since he will have a nightmare and upon waking up will suffer a bad mood and it affects his daily activity,” explains Bill about “Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk”. Bethap as the director and editor of the video says that he loves the music arrangement of this song, and the opportunity to work again with Crimson Diary is a chance to redeem his past work. Previously he has directed the video for “Senja” and left dissatisfied with the result and so he gave a better production on “Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk”. How does it fare? We love the visual to the bits! It matches the vibe and the ambience of the song which is dark and gloomy but also mysterious at the same time. He uses dark toned cinematography and through a model named Loemongga, the video comes to life. She gives an expressive facial gesture that mimics a person who’s going through a nightmare. There’s also a double vision styled cinematography in some parts which make it interesting to watch. It gives you an illusion of reality and a dream.

Crimson Diary Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk
Loemongga on “Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk” video

As for the concept of the video itself, Bethap confesses that it was actually pretty simple. Using a woman as the main cast who faces her own fear of overthinking that results in a nightmare. The addition of gloomy settings and backgrounds enhance the nightmare feel in the video. As a fun fact, the expression that the model does in the video was actually done by Bill Walessa first. He gives an example and guides on how the body and facial gestures should be and then the model replicated them in her own way. You could watch the video of “Tiada Lagi Mimpi Buruk” on the link below. The band also plan to hit the road sometime soon, so stay tuned!