Fox International Picture 212 WarriorsFOX International Pictures to Make Movie in Indonesia in Collaboration with Lifelike Pictures for Wiro Sableng Movie Titled “212 Warriors”

This is not a drill apparently, the news came from Variety, a renown entertainment media. It said that FOX International Pictures are developing a plan to co-produce their first feature film in Indonesia. They work with local production house called Lifelike Pictures to bring you a movie called “212 Warriors”. For those who grew up in the 90’s the numbers must be familiar, as it’s a code tattooed on Wiro Sableng’s chest. The movie is based on a best-selling martial arts book series in Indonesia. As some of you might have heard, the big screen adaptation for the iconic hero has been announced last year, however we did not see the collaboration with Fox International Pictures coming. For your information, Angga Dwimas Sasongko has been appointed as the director of the film. Sheila Timothy will act as the producer and it will be executive produced by Michael J Werner.

Fox International Picture 212 Warriors
Ken Ken as Wiro Sableng on its 90’s TV Series
Source: Liputan 6

Yayan Ruhiyan the martial art choreographer from “The Raid” has been announced to be on board as well. Vino G. Bastian will play as the main actor of this movie and casted as Wiro Sableng. His father, Bastian Tito is the original writer of the popular superhero series. It will also have Sherina Munaf and Marsha Timothy to act alongside Vino in this movie. “Combining our understanding of the Indonesian market and audience preferences with FIP’s expertise, ‘212 Warrior’ will satisfy the demand of Indonesian audiences for a good quality film. (FIP President) Tomas Jegeus, Michael Werner and I agreed to make the ‘212 Warrior’ as a great commercial movie. We look forward to expand the collaboration to the series,” says Sheila Timothy on the press statement. Both parties will develop, produce, and distribute the film within the country or even expand it to overseas if the demand arises. We partly afraid that Ken Ken’s iconic representation of the role in Wiro Sableng’s TV series won’t be surpassed, but still, finger’s crossed for “212 Warriors”!