Eleventwelfth Asteriska SingleEleventwelfth Work With Singer Asteriska for Latest Single “Your Head As My Favorite Bookstore”

Emotive foursome hailing from Jakarta, Eleventwelfth finally give a glimpse of their forthcoming self-titled debut EP with a single called “Your Head As My Favorite Bookstore”. Uploaded onto their Youtube account on 30 January 2017, the single is a collaborative project between the band with a singer and a member of Barasuara, Asteriska. The song is the embodiment of a popular phrase “you never know what you got, till it’s gone”. On the press release, they explain that the song tells about a couple who went through a fierce argument, only to realize that all the things your loved ones said were true. Your ego, self-centered self as well as anger have clouded your judgement and after you’ve come to a realization, it was all too late. This seems like every phase that human has gone through, and it does not only apply with lovers. Surprisingly, both of their vocal profiles match well, and it goes together with the twinkly guitar sound.

The band comprised of Almas Makitsuna (drum), Rona Hartriant (guitar, vocal), Yogawerda Kessawa (guitar), Tirta Petir Saputra (additional bass) have been recording their debut EP since early 2016. Since it’s been taking a pretty long time, Eleventwelfth said that they place their utmost satisfaction as the indicator to finish the album. The process also met with a setback after one of their member lost his beloved father. The album will be dedicated to his late father who passed a year and a half ago. In 2017, Eleventwelfth are dedicated to convey a message through their debut EP. Eleventwelfth also have announced that they have signed under a record label named Six Thirty. The tracklist and the mini album’s details have not been revealed by the camp, however we strongly suggest that you keep up with their social medias to know more about Eleventwelfth’s debut EP. Listen to their collaboration with Asteriska on “Your Head As My Favorite Bookstore” below.