Oscar Lolang EpilogueOscar Lolang Prepares to Reveal “Epilogue” EP and Opens Pre-Order

The “Eastern Man”, Oscar Lolang has made wave last year after releasing his debut single and this year he plans to reveal an EP called “Epilogue”. The folk singer has released a single called “Little Sunny Girl” a while ago with a music video accompaniment that was uploaded on Karma Records’ Youtube channel. On 30 January 2017, he officially opened the pre-order for physical record of “Epilogue” via his record label. The EP is projected as a closure and also a beginning for his next endeavor which will result in a full-length debut album. On his second single, “Little Sunny Girl”, Oscar Lolang collaborated with Vira Talisa who did the artwork and Dian Tamara who directed the music video. The single is proclaimed to be an ode for all women out there who struggle to face hardship and violence in their daily life.

Oscar Lolang Epilogue“Epilogue” consists of two songs which are “Little Sunny Girl” and “The Way She Does Things”. Both express Oscar Lolang’s different charms and they talk about hope, experience and love in poetic and meaningful words a la Oscar. For those who pre-order this album, it will come as a boxset along with some merchandise like T-shirt, postcard with lyrics and an invitation to attend Oscar Lolang’s showcase in March 2017. “As the first story from his upcoming full-length album, we want “Epilogue” to be more than a release but also as an experience for everyone who enjoys it. This is also the result of a collaboration which so far has involved Oscar Lolang, Karma Records, Dian Tamara, and Vira Talisa,” adds Dhiwangkara as the representative from Karma Records. The record label based in Jakarta put the creative interaction between the artists and the label as the top priority without distinguish the genre of music. Moreover, you could watch the beautiful music video of “Little Sunny Girl” below and pre-order “Epilogue” EP here.Oscar Lolang Epilogue