(legasy) Grand Opening
(legasy) store
A Premium Streetwear Store (legasy) Will Held a Grand Opening at Surabaya!

For you in Surabaya who love the likes of premium streetwear brands such as Visvim, Nike, Vans, Adidas and many more, a new store has been opened at Jl. Flores No.10 called (legasy). The place acts as a premium store which does not only sell international renown brands but also local emerging brands that hold the same quality. For its grand opening, they hold a series of exciting events that the public could participate. The curated retail space will held five events throughout February which are (legasy) sneaker dealer; (legasy) workshop day; (legasy) street talkshow; (legasy)xTeamcozy StreetHuntPhotography and (legasy) big party. Each of them offers different experience for the customer and you get to understand more about (legasy)’s purpose as a brand and a business establishment.

(legasy) Grand Opening
Kobuki sneakers from Affairs
Credit : Affair Instagram

First up, (legasy) sneaker dealer or LSD in short will happen on 10 February 2017 from 12 PM in the afternoon to 10 PM at night. They will display 500 pairs of shoes from brands such as Visvim, Nike, Vans, Adidas, Converse, New Balance, Asics, Reebok, and local brand sneakers that will have booths inside the store. Sneaker heads will also share their knowledge about sneakers and how to take care of your shoes at home. Affairs, a premium sneaker brand from Yogyakarta will also reveal their new product called Kobuki. Kobuki is a pair of sneaker designed with handmade leather in combination with sneaker’s common material, it is crafted locally with care. To make it more exciting, there’s a rare/limited edition sneakers auction, music performances from Surabaya’s DJs, fun games, and lottery to accompany your sneakers day.

(legasy) Grand Opening
Teamcozy Photography
Credit : Complex

On February 18th, there will be a workshop day in which Affairs, Ersten Jahr, Denim Works, Soundshusky x Mini Barbers will present their expertise to the audience and tell about tips and tricks for a better style. On the 25th, three events will take place in a row or simultaneously which are (legasy) street talkshow, (legasy)xTeamcozy StreetHuntPhotography and ended with big party. The talkshow will talk about street culture in Indonesia and how to grow it, the importance of sneakers for street culture as well as how to dress up in street style. They also collaborate with Teamcozy to do street hunt photography. For those who don’t know, Teamcozy is an online community fronted by Ta-ku and Bludshot which is best known for aggregating sneakers and streetwear content. The visitors will be taken into a trip using a shuttle bus around Surabaya city to snap some pictures with the guidance from Teamcozy.

The series of events will be wrapped up with a big party. DJ Senoda, DJ Ayren Mayden, DJ Andyo Aryoga, DJ Phngg and DJ Kylko will make the celebration more festive with their selected tunes and remixes. If you are interested in joining these events by the curated streetwear retail store, follow their social media to know more about or simply contact Rezky at 087771170707.