Buka'an 8 OST Payung TeduhPayung Teduh’s New Arrangement for “Untuk Perempuan yang Sedang dalam Pelukan” for Buka’an 8 Movie Soundtrack

The new upcoming movie “Buka’an 8” has been awaited by Indonesian movie lovers as it promises a fresh romance-comedy story, an escape from the country’s intricate political situation.  A month away from its release date, Visinema Pictures announced Payung Teduh‘s “Untuk Perempuan yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan” as its official soundtrack.  The single was part of “Dunia Batas” album that was released back in 2012. According to Angga Dwimas Sasongko, the movie’s director, “Untuk Perempuan yang Sedang dalam Pelukan” was chosen because of its romantic lyric and eminent rhytm. The two points were similiar with the movie’s atmosphere. Even from the title, we could feel the similiarity between the song’s soul and the movie’s story.

As for it Is, Payung Teduh’s vocalist said that the song was a perfect match for the movie. He wrote the song for his wife and children, which was in accordance with the movie’s main story: struggle of a man for his pregnant wife and family. When Angga offered this chance to fill in the soundtrack, he agreed right away, thinking that the song would suit the movie perfectly. Payung Teduh exclusively created a new arrasement of the song for the movie. The song’s lyric remain the same without any changes, but the mood, sound, and atmosphere was modified due to the movie’s needs. The band wanted to create cheerful moment in the delivery room. The new arrangement of the song is more dynamic, giving a cheerful, blessed, and eminent atmosphere. We think that this version is much more enjoyable than the original one. The band surely succeed in creating a new level of romantic with the soundtrack.

“Buka’an 8” was a romance-comedy drama that tells a story about Alam (Chicco Jerikho) and Mia (Lala Karmela) a millenial couple who met each other and fell in love in cyber space. In the moment of their first child birth, Alam was determined to prove that he was an ideal husband. The movie would be released in cinemas at 23rd February 2017. Watch the music video for the soundtrack that includes snippets from the movie below.