Ka Awang Awang Single RepeatKa Awang Awang Serve Surreal Folk Pop with Debut Single “Repeat”

Killing two birds with one stone is the perfect saying to describe Ka Awang Awang‘s music direction in their latest single “Repeat”. The single is a perfect blend between folk pop and traditional Sundanese sound, we get to hear both influences in one song. Ka Awang Awang were formed in 2014 in Bandung and they aim to bring reality, personal experience, environment, and surrounding nature as their material and concept which is turned into lyrics and music show. Ridwan Fathan a.k.a Gomex (guitar, vocal), Ikbal Bale (bass), Billah (cajon), and Rudeina Dai (flute) finally reveal their first attempt of making original music with “Repeat”. The single starts off with a melodic hum, then the tambourine and guitar kicks in accompanied with the Sundanese-flute sound which takes us to a completely different landscape while listening to it.

Ka Awang Awang Single RepeatWhile most of us think that the song sounds like a simple happy-go-lucky song, it contains much deeper meaning than that. Through a press release, Ka Awang Awang explain that the single tells about the internalization process of human being from birth to death. Throughout life, an individual will keep on learning to process feelings, passion, lust and emotion that will later shape up one’s personality. The folk pop/experimental unit are planning to make and launch their debut album in 2017 and it will bear the same theme as their first single “Repeat”. Ka Awang Awang try to emulate an easy to digest lyrics with such depth, so their project will become a medium for them to convey their dreams about life. In our opinion, their approach to music and lyrics is almost similar to Tigapagi, a folkpop group which also combine traditional folklore sound to their music. “Repeat” has been released digitally through their Soundcloud account which you can listen to below and it is available for download here.