MAN Showcase
Rival Himran
Rival Himran Was Reborn As “MAN”, A Showcase Report

“MAN” is a mini album from a prominent reggae musician Rival Himran or frequently referred as Pallo. On January 15th 2017 in Bandung, Pallo who is also a bass player of reggae band, Steven N The Coconut Treez held a launching party for his solo mini album. The event commenced at 9 at Beerspot, a bar that provides a place and stage set for live music. Near the entrance, there was a few merchandises available including the CDs of “MAN”. After obtaining several copies, we took the front spot of the stage where we could see Rival and friends were preparing their instruments and ready to play the mini album for us. He played the songs by the tracklist’s order on the CD. We could see that the man has thoroughly prepared his set and the rhythm of reggae was continually played by Pallo and friends. Pallo embodied the sense of “MAN” and brought out the best of what Palu’s man got.

MAN Showcase
Jamming Session

The stage got even hotter until the time ticked at 11, more people were coming to the gig and fellow musician, Ipank from BIP dropped by that night since he was in town for a show. After playing his materials, the event was followed by a jamming session. In this session Pallo with several guest musicians played some popular reggae tunes like Bob Marley. Pallo was seen sharing the stage with Ipank, Dave Syauta the member of dub collective reggae band, The Paps, and other talented artists. The gig was ended with vinyl selection by some musicians from Bandung that played various branches of reggae sounds, like reggae revival, ska revival, reggae rocksteady and Jamaican sounds among other.

MAN Showcase
Vinyl selection

During the “MAN” launching party, Pallo also emphasized the importance of reggae to him and to a lot of its enthusiasts in Indonesia. Pallo along with Dave Syauta said that reggae was not restricted to its origin only which is in Jamaica. We could also put our own twist to the sound since we have a lot of natural sources that we could tell to the world with music. As a nation, we could create our own music even though it did not come from here. The message put a lot of sense to us as reggae enthusiast in Indonesia, the music brings people together and unite us in one swaying motion of dance and happiness, just like what happened on that night. You could listen to some songs in this “MAN” album here.

Writer & Pics by: Zakaria/ Editor: Novita