Rival Himran MAN ShowcaseReggae Musician, Rival Himran Prepares A Showcase for Mini Album “MAN”

Rival Himran, or more known as Pallo, who was also a part of reggae collective, Steven N’ Coconut Treez has released his solo project under the name of MAN last year. The mini album of the same name, contains 5 tracks which are Nemo, Pakanoto Rara, Ina, Damai and Riumba Raramu. The singer is going to hold a special showcase for this mini album that will happen on Saturday, January 14th 2017. The showcase will commence at Beerspot, Jl. Supratman No.57 in Bandung from 9 PM. He will perform all the songs in MAN and also bring out the best reggae tunes for you to dance to. There will also be vinyl selection from Agnezmon and Syauta to make the night more festive.

On November last year, Rival Himran released one of the single from MAN titled “Nemo”. Wait, this is not the name of a missing clown fish in an animated Disney movie. “Nemo” is a word from Kaili language that means “don’t”. Kaili itself is a language that originated from Palu, Central Sulawesi in which Himran was born and raised. The inclusion of Kaili language in some of his songs are his effort to keep the tradition strong and alive. For Rial Himran, Kaili language is more expressive and it attracts the curiosity from the listeners to find out more about it. The use of his native language and dialect is aimed to bring more nationalism spirit as also said by our national hero, Ki Hajar Dewantara.  Meanwhile, the solo project of MAN had several notable musicians to participate in the making process. There are guitarists Didit Saad, Ridho Hafiedz, keyboardist Estu Pradhana, Fendy Rizk on contra bass and cello, Mesanies, Conrad CGV, Disto Percussion, and duet from French musicians Nita Aartsen and Jean Sebastian. It’s time for you to see the result of his hard work through MAN Mini Album Showcase in Bandung.