SVNSVN Will Release Limited Demo CD “higher Than SVN” via 1994 Records

SVN (pronounced as ‘sun’) is a punk rock/alt band hailing from Jakarta and they are made up of Rudityo Suryo on guitar and vocal with Dimas Putra on bass and vocal. The band was formed in 2015 and has participated on a compilation album from Leeds Record titled “The Flaming Leeds”. In that album, they had one song which is called “Cavendish Sky”. In 2016, SVN also released a single through their Soundcloud account called “Stuck on The Clouds”. You could say that the band has not been officially debuted since they have no album yet, whether in an EP format or full-length album. However, 1994 Records plan to release their demo album in a physical 3″ CD format. Previously they have uploaded the demo album through their Bandcamp site.

The demo album called “Higher Than SVN” is filled with live recording of their three tracks namely “Cavendish Sky”, “Piggies Style” and “Liver”. All three of them were recorded at Noise Lab Studio with the help of Pandu Rahadya from Much and Stagger to fill in the position of the additional drummer. 1994 Records are going to release very limited number of copies for this demo album from this punk rock band. In total, 30 copies will be available to be purchased soon, the release date is still unclear and you can follow 1994 Records’ Instagram for more updates. As an addition, the physical release will also have one hidden track that is included in the demo album. They do not reveal further about it, so it will come as a surprise for those who buy the CD. You could listen “Higher Than SVN” demo album on their Bandcamp site below and if you’re interested you could buy the CD later from 1994 Records. Hopefully these guys will put out an official album this year.