Samsara Ease Your MindSamsara Bring Tame Impala’s Vibe on Debut Single “Ease Your Mind”

Samsara is a band hailing from South Jakarta which has just debuted their single called “Ease Your Mind”. The band categorizes their own genre as Space Age Pop, which raised a lot of question from us while we’re reading their press release. What exactly is Space Age Pop and what kind of sounds it produces? Samsara said that their music is too simple to be called rock or art rock, not straightforwardly jazz, and pop does not describe them accurately. They decided to be outside of those boxes, and claim that their sound might not be familiar to popular mass but it’s filled with bizarre and exciting vibes. Thus, their genre is called Space Age Pop. “Ease Your Mind” is the representation of their so-called Space Age Pop genre. We know that it must be interesting to dissect so here it is…

“Ease Your Mind” starts off with thumping bass, and once all the instruments hit and the vocal goes in, we got hit with a familiar feeling. Yes it sounds like a Tame Impala song, the vibe is clearly there but it is less psychedelic. It has a little bit of everything though, it is a little dream pop, a little psychedelic, and there’s a lo-fi tone in it. They said in the description that the lyrics of the song talk about a changing relationship and life from an introspective point of view. Their vocal styling is kinda similar to Kevin Parker with a less whiny voice. Nonetheless, the tune gets better with each spin, and we got a little addicted to it. We think that it would be nice that they show their fullest capability and step outside their comfort zone to present more intriguing and new sound to the mass. Because they already got all the basic foundations which are nice arrangement, instrument, catchy hook and distinctive vocal.

Samsara Ease Your Mind
Ease Your Mind Artwork

Moreover, Samsara which consists of five childhood mates has revealed the single digitally through Spotify. Even though they only have one official single under their name, they have performed live in several events. “Ease Your Mind” is the promising start from the band that hopefully will literally ‘ease your mind’ while you’re listening to it. Check it out below.