Aillis A Lot of SinsAillis Make Emo Great Again with “A Lot Of Sins”

It seems like 2017 is ready to embrace more emo songs and acts, proven with steady releases from the bands in some cities in Indonesia. Aillis are the latest team to unveil their newest single called “A Lot of Sins”. The Skramz/twinkle daddy/emo band from Bandung that were founded in 2015 have released a song in 2016 titled “As Near As Veins”. Since then, the band are busy recording materials for their upcoming album that is called “Believe 114”. “A Lot of Sins” is their second offer for the listeners to find out more about their forthcoming album. The single tells about someone who is haunted by his past. He is too afraid that he will do the same mistakes in the future. While trying so hard to adjust himself to the present time, he’s also scared to try something new and start afresh. So in the end, all he could do is apologizing for all the sins that he has done in the past.

With the meaningful lyrics, the song has Aillis’ twinkling guitar sound and paired with the screamo (skramz), it brings us back to the 90’s. “A Lot of Sins” itself is a mid tempo number that is suitable to listen to with a little head banging. Fikri Suryatama (guitar/vocal), Akhyar Mustofa (vocal) dan Haris Suryadinata (drum) under Benalu Records also unveil the music video for this song that is filled with documentary styled visual. Rizky Mahendra,  Wily Alditya and Aviasa Patria were mentioned as the contributors in making this music video. According to plan, Aillis’ debut EP “Believe 114” will be out on January 31st 2017 via Benalu Records in cassette tape, CD, and digital formats. These emo releases got us excited and hopeful about 2017, Aillis and the rest should make emo great again this year! Listen to “A Lot of Sins” below.

Aillis A Lot of Sins