Wake Up Iris! Rain's Tale
Pic by: Kornelius Renata
Wake Up Iris! Greet New Year with Single “Rain’s Tale” Live Version

Wake Up Iris! have relatively packed schedule since Bie Paksi (vocal, guitar, kick drum) and Vania Marisca (vocal, violin) started this project in 2015. In 2017, they plan to reveal more works and a single “Rain’s Tale” live version has officially been released on January 4th, 2017. The single also came with a live session video that was shot in the middle of a forest. The single is a staple on Wake Up Iris! live setlist, so for you who often come to see the band live, this one must be familiar. The song is one of their original that was written in 2015, while the video was taken at Lambau Forest during Camp-Coustic 1 event and sponsored by Ciliwung Camp Outdoor and Rental Malang on November 2016.

“Rain’s Tale” depicts Wake Up Iris! concern about nature with the sub-theme of human that blends in with universe and everything in it. The reason to pick this theme for their song, Vania elaborates, “We often forget about anything that comes for ‘free’ that is provided by nature, like oxygen from plants, sun that grows human’s necessities, and the surplus of water in this earth. In this song, we would like to remind us once again that human is very dependent on nature and human should have not ‘invaded’ it for their own sake, but they should be able to use it wisely for the continuity of human’s life.” Bie Paksi then adds, “This time we talk about rain, as a merry moment for trees and other plants, the dried up rivers, because they could grow well while it’s rainy season.”

The video is capable of highlighting nature’s very own beauty with the accompaniment of Wake Up Iris!’ music. They’re like a match made in heaven, so we truly understand why “Rain’s Tale” is suitable to listen to while it’s raining. This year the duo from Malang have prepared to release a physical record, including the process of creating the materials and recording them. It would later be followed with a release tour to promote it. Rejoice in rain with “Rain’s Tale” live forest session video below.