Afternoon Talk Beautiful DayAfternoon Talk Give an Honest and Innocent Charm with “Beautiful Day”

Bandar Lampung has a folk pop act that is worth checking out and they are called Afternoon Talk. A day ago, Sofia (vocal), Harsa ‘Osa’ Wahyu (guitarlele), and Ridwan Ayubi (bass/guitar) reveal their newest single called “Beautiful Day” digitally through their Soundcloud account and Bandcamp site. The release marks Afternoon Talk’s comeback after their last effort in producing mini album “Contradiction” in 2013. “Beautiful Day” was written by Sofia back when she was in high school and experienced the feeling of falling in love. The song was then re-arranged with the help of Osa and Ridwan to make it sound like what it is now. “Just like the title, this song tells about a day when the grass feels greener, the sky feels more blue, and a couple falling in love”, explains Sofia.

In our opinion, “Beautiful Day” is an easily digested song that you don’t need to second guess. It is honest, innocent, warm and pretty simple. They got all the right formula to make this song an anthem for a lovey dovey couple. The melodies are uplifting and the lyrics are explicit enough with the catch phrases “I love you” and “what a beautiful day” repeated over and over. The song does not hide an underlying message and it is a refreshing break from all those music that try too hard to be clever and deep. With a matching artwork concept that was done by Lampung’s artists, nonana, we could easily imagine one fine day while listening to this song.

Afternoon Talk Beautiful DayMoreover, the single is the preparation for their forthcoming debut album that is set to release next year. Their future effort won’t drift too far from what they’re known for, and their ultimate fans who have followed their journey since 2012 will be served with their signature sound. Afternoon Talk music could be said as simple acoustic music that talks about love in an unprecedented way. Besides “Beautiful Day”, the rest of the songs that are going to be in their album are said to have contradictory feels, since they talk about sadness in a joyful manner. The band’s discography includes a self titled mini album that was released through a netlabel Hujan Rekords in 2012, and another mini album called “Contradiction” (2013). They also have embarked on an individual tour in 2012-2013 that visited multiple cities across Java and Bali. Hopefully they will hit the road again once they launch their new album. Listen to “Beautiful Day” below.