Shewn Old PlaceShewn Release “Old Place” As Their Second Music Video to End 2016

Indie emo unit from Malang, Shewn release their latest music video from the single “Old Place“. This is their second video after releasing the visual of “Sun/Shine” a month ago. Both singles are taken from their debut album “At Home, Drowning” that was released a year ago. The concept for their second music video is a blank canvas which lets the viewers interpret the plot and the meaning behind this video to their own understandings. Collaborating with Rumah Pohon Production House, the cinematography of “Old Place” has similar tone with their predecessor, which utilizes cold and sombre temperature, so it exudes the feeling of sadness and emo.

“Old Place” gives a glimpse of some places that have become past memories. These places are an analogy about life that keeps on going, together with time that keeps on moving. The lyrics of “Old Place” that are inserted in the video have aim to encourage viewers to have a deeper understanding about the message of the song and help them to sing along with Shewn. The video took place in Malang and featured several places like a golf course, a house, a pine forest, a rooftop and everything in between. In “Old Place”, Bagas the vocalist from Brightside Haze takes part in the song and makes a little appearance in the video. Brightzide Haze is also one of the roster from the same record label as Shewn which is Haum Entertainment. The video becomes Shewn’s sweet closure to 2016 and nearing the end of the year, their debut album and merchandise are also getting re-issued to mark its anniversary. Let’s get sad with Shewn and forget all the bad memories from 2016 by watching “Old Place” below and watch their previous video “Sun/Shine” too.