Christabel Annora Rindu Itu Keras KepalaChristabel Annora Presents Visually Pleasing Video for “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala”

Christabel Annora shines through 2016 and after releasing her debut album “Talking Days” via Barongsai Records, she closes out the year by releasing a music video for “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala”. The song is picked as the second single from the album after “Sunshine Talks” and the visual of the song was officially released yesterday on December 20th, 2016. The pianist and songwriter from Malang also keeps a relatively busy schedule throughout the year, so this music video is like a gift to her fans and listeners alike. The music of “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala” was composed by Christabel Annora herself, and if you listen to a little bit of guitar section, it hails from Malang’s folk musician, Iksan Skuter. The lyrics came from a poem that was created by her best friend, Nadia Agustina.

“This song is important and very personal (to me) when I created it. At that time, Nadia Agustina liked to send me her poems. All of her creations were really great, but this poem about yearning struck me through the heart. It felt just right, because I also felt the same thing like what Nadia wrote in her poem. Not long after, this song was born,” explains Christabel Annora about the process of making the song.  The video of “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala” was directed by Prialangga who also acted as Director of Photography (DOP). M.Y. Fahmi became the editor and besides Christabel Annora who presents on the video, there are also Titi Savitri and Aswin Wiyatmoko who act as the main models in the video.

Christabel Annora Rindu Itu Keras KepalaPrialangga reveals that the concept of the video was pretty much simple and it came from his observation of watching people around him overcome and manage the feeling of missing someone.  Each character are portrayed to be looking, waiting, up to the point of giving up and let the feeling of longing and missing someone enclose them. The video took a week in the making which was shot in 4 different cities which are Malang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Semarang. Throughout the video, our eyes are stimulated with earthy tone colors which set the whole mood of the video. The artistic direction and the plot have succeed to translate the feeling of loneliness, emptiness, and frustration that become the core of “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala”. Christabel Annora also says, “Sometimes yearning and missing someone is hard to understand. Each person has their own ways to reveal their feelings of longing…” You can watch the aesthetically pleasing video for “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala” by Christabel Annora feat. Iksan Skuter below and listen to her brilliant debut album, Talking Days.