No Man's Land "Live and Loud"No Man’s Land Bring Their On-Stage Craziness to a Live Recording Album called “Live and Loud”

Veteran punk rock band from Malang, No Man’s Land, set a new milestone in their career by releasing a live recording album titled “Live and Loud”. Starting from December 3rd, they have released the album in CD format. The album contains 18 songs that were recorded during their two gigs in their hometown Malang, which are MLG Extreme Party (10/08/2016) and A Night With The Boys (10/23/2016). No Man’s Land vocalist and frontman, Didit Samodra explains that the live recording is a new thing for the band and it was prepared in a pretty short time. Within a week of preparation, the band managed to do a full set recording on two aforementioned shows. The album “Live and Loud” was released under three record labels which are MLG Records (Malang), Aggrobeat (Netherland) and Rusty Knife (France).

“One of our reason (for releasing the album) is because Aggrobeat has just released The Oppressed album titled “Live and Loud”, on October 2016. Coincidentally, the British band is one of the most important influence for No Man’s Land’s music,” continues Didit. The band which play the genre Oi!, were then proposed the idea of live recording album to those two European labels to a positive response. Unfortunately, No Man’s Land live album will be released in Europe next year, since both labels are currently overwhelmed with many releases this year. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the album was undertaken by a new record label that was established by their peer, Topan, called MLG Records.

No Man's Land "Live and Loud"All the materials in this album were recorded by Antok and Laga Virtuoso at Godbless Café , Malang. The mixing and mastering process were done by Didit Samodra and the album cover’s artwork was created by Baldiman Singodirojo. Photographs taken by Gaharu Jabal, Angga SA and Adon Saputra were also included in this album. The album really brings the live concept to your ears, as you can listen to the audience choir and chants as well as the interaction between No Man’s Land and their fans. Below is the full tracklist of the album and you can have a little taste of what it’s like with a video of one song from the album called “Degeneration”. The album is available on MLG Records offline store at Jl. Aries Munandar No. 47 Malang in a boxset version which contains a CD, a T-shirt, patch, pin and poster. It could be ordered online by contacting MLG Records number at +6282143115933 or BBM Pin at 2A893833.


  1. Oi! Oi! Today
  2. Social Injustice
  3. Pride of The City
  4. BB Punk
  5. Street Heroes
  6. Scattered Around and Buried
  7. Riot Society
  8. Going Home
  9. Born To Defence
  10. Unity In Diversity
  11. Chaos (The 4Skins cover)
  12. Degeneration
  13. 20 Years of Oi!
  14. Malang Nominor
  15. No Guts No Glory
  16. Stand or Fall
  17. Lion’s Roar
  18. Taken Away

Track 1 – 11 taken from A Night With The Boys at Malang, Indonesia (23/10/2016).

Track 12 – 18 taken from MLG Extreme Party at Malang, Indonesia (08/10/2016).