The Paps Solo ConcertThe Paps Are Going to Hold Their First Solo Concert in 13 Years

13 years is not a short time for a band, but The Paps have proved that they could still be productive reaching their thirteenth year journey. On Saturday, December 10th 2016, The Paps will hold their first solo concert at IFI Bandung’s auditorium. The concert will also commemorate their second album launching that has been released this year in July through Demajors Records.  In total 20 songs will be performed by the reggae band from their first and second album. The audience will be guaranteed with great performances from The Paps with their wild Jamaican sound which makes them have strong characteristic.

Bandung is chosen to be the place for their first solo concert due to several reasons. First of all, they come from Bandung. Moreover, the city became the place where The Paps first introduced and recorded their first ever single called “Life is A Big Joke”. The single was then included in a compilation album called “Bandung Miller Time” in 2005 which generated attention from places beyond Bandung. Later on, The Paps participated in celebrating Jamaican sound in Indonesia through their involvement in the “Indonesian Reggae Revolution” album that was initiated by 267records also in 2005 with a single called “Hang Loose Baby”. Their debut album was released in 2007 through Zyape O Zyure Records titled “Hang Loose Baby” which made way for their career in reggae scene in Indonesia.

In 2016, the band released their second album through Demajors Records and in the new record, The Paps infused their Jamaican sound with psychedelic, punk, jazz, pop and dub influences. It would be a waste if you miss the chance to see Dave (vocal), Sagiet (guitar), Daniela (guitar), Andrie (bass), and Ganjar (drum) perform live on their solo concert, which will also be completed with performance art and astounding lighting and sounds. You could purchase the tickets in Bandung via PMP Denim store or Beerspot. In Jakarta, you could grab it at Demajors office at Jl. RS Fatmawati Raya, Fatmawati Golf Mansion Kav 30, Cilandak Barat. Presale price will cost 50,000 rupiahs and on-the-spot ticket will cost 65,000 rupiahs. For further information, head to The Paps Facebook or Instagram.