Crimson Diary
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Crimson Diary Offer Unique Diary-Concept Second Album and Plan “Diary Tour December 2016”

Alternative rock unit from Malang, Crimson Diary, took their name to literal level by releasing a unique second album with the concept of ‘diary’. The band that are made up of Bill Walesa Natalendra (vocal & guitar), Muklis Huda (guitar), Agung ‘Bampho’ (bass) and Dyan (drum) have launched their self-titled album yesterday on December 1st following their guerilla 4-tracks cassette tapes release during Cassette Store Day a while ago. Bill, Crimson Diary’s guitarist and vocalist says, “All the feelings are poured here and we try to pay attention to every detail to make it perfect without abandoning the 90’s alternative sound which has become Crimson Diary’s music character.” Bill continues that the second album sounds darker than their debut album “Senja” which was released in 2014.

Crimson DiaryThe second album can be said to be done in more collective manner since many parties are involved in the process of recording and songwriting. Fellow musicians Kidnep from Flanella filled in the vocal part in the song “Paradigma” and Norman from C4 created the KAOSS Pad sound for “Misty Night”. Meanwhile, Crimson Diary’s close friends and relatives wrote the lyrics for several songs in this album. Dyah who is Muklis Huda’s wife became the wordsmith on “Misty Night” that tells about her sadness, while Fachmi spills his love life on “Angsa Hitam” and Chandra shares his struggle to fight his illness on “Paradigma”. Each individual artwork for the tracks in this album was created by Muklis Huda in collaboration with his wife and Bill’s daughter, Freya.

The personal experiences that were poured into this album strengthen the diary concept that they want to emulate. Furthermore, they also create a special album package in the form of real diary for this record. Other than a 10-track compact disc, there are also few pages of handwritten lyrics that are made by the songwriters and some blank pages. The blank pages are dedicated to the listeners who bought this album, which in hope will encourage them to fill it with their feelings and thought. Indirectly, the fans will also involve in making a diary entry, in this era when technology slowly eradicates the art of writing a diary in a book.

In order to promote the second album, Crimson Diary will embark on a tour called “Diary Tour December 2016 Crimson Diary” in Central and East Java starting from December 3rd to December 10th 2016. The cities that they will visit are Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Surabaya. The band also plan to have a launching party in their home base, Malang, that will be announced soon. The record is now available via Barongsai Records that will later be distributed through several outlets across Indonesia. Bill concludes “Hopefully the stories that are found in this album can be a motivation and able to give positive energy for the listeners”. Below is the complete tracklist of “Crimson Diary” album and their tour dates.

Crimson Diary Tracklist :

  1. Awalan
  2. Freja
  3. Higher Place
  4. Fade Away
  5. Angsa Hitam
  6. Paradigma
  7. Misty Night
  8. Bumi
  9. Tiada Lagi
  10. Akhiran

Crimson DiaryDiary Tour December 2016 Crimson Diary

3 December 2016 – Semarang at TBA

4 December 2016 – Yogyakarta at Hardcase Café

6 December 2016– Yogyakarta at Boshe

9 December 2016 – Surabaya at Balai Pemuda

10 December 2016 – Solo at Muara Market