Teddy Adhitya "Let Me"Teddy Adhitya Unveils His Second Single, “Let Me”

Teddy Adhitya is back with his second single called “Let Me” from his upcoming debut album. For you who does not know who the man is, Teddy Adhitya is a singer based in Jakarta whose music ranges from blues, R&B and soul. After releasing a single and music video for “In Your Wonderland”, the 25 year-old musician who sports a signature afro hairdo unveils his sweet and romantic feelings through “Let Me”. The second single is also written and sung in English and it stems from his habit to write in English to make it more universal. The difference from his first single lay on the technique, in which the drum, guitar, and another recording technique were arranged to be more acoustic and thick in atmosphere.

He also utilized the use of 433 Hz frequency rather than 440 Hz frequency for the instruments recording. Teddy used a hollowed board for the kick drum sound, he recorded the sample that required him to jump on that platform. His friends also participated on the recording for the clapping sounds and sing along. He said the two singles do not represent his debut album as a whole and instead it is filled with various sounds that he explores. Teddy Adhitya promises, “Since the album will vary, a lot of explorations I’ve done in the upcoming album from track to track, those two songs are the closest I could describe. The rests would be very different, many surprising and different  listening experience.”

His releases have met with great responses and he believes that his genre will have its own listeners. Moreover, for us, “Let Me” is a great song to sing or played to your lover as it is filled with his affectionate lyrics paired with his deep and rich voice. Listen to the song below and grab it through online platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Yonder Music, Deezer, Amazon, JOOX and many more. In the future the physical release of his album will be handled by Demajors.