Rewires Presents Melting Space Chapter 1Rewired Presents Melting Space Chapter 1 in Bumi Serpong Damai, South Tangerang

Traffic Light (TRL) Creative Management and Music Aggregator with collective group Suara Nyata are working together to present Rewired, a movement to help develop indie music scene in the area of Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) in South Tangerang. Having been lost for a while, Rewired aims to resurrect the excitement in BSD’s indie music scene with their vision and mission that have been prepared in the past few months. BSD is seen as one of the potential area for indie music scene and pop culture that could be as huge as Jakarta.

Many universities and colleges have been established in the region, and it further helps Rewired to achieve their targets to bring South Tangerang’s youth to appreciate and enjoy music together in a ‘melting space’. A pioneering event called “Melting Space Chapter 1” will be held by Rewired on Sunday, November 20th 2016 at BSD Junction, South Tangerang. Low Pink, Secret Meadow, Noirless, Rhym, Kalabiru, and Klarity are the current line-up that will heat up the stage at BSD Junction. The event will only charge you for 15,000 rupiahs and you could get a whole gig experience with it.

The aforementioned bands will provide you with their signature sounds ranging from indie pop, psychedelic, to shoegaze. All six acts are chosen to represent BSD’s passion in good quality music just like their peers in Jakarta. Low Pink, for example, has just debuted with an excellent album called “Phases” and Kalabiru will enchant you with their ethnic psychedelic sounds or Noirless that comes far from Bandung, will charm you with their shoegazy affairs. The performances are worth the wait and you surely don’t want to miss it.

If the event run as smooth as they hoped, Rewired will continue the series of ‘Melting Space’. It will become a regular gig in South Tangerang and they also promise to invite a more diverse line-ups with different genres in the future.