Nerv.ous Album Launching Party
Credit: Kresno Bagus – Nerv.ous Album
Nerv.ous Launched The Long Awaited Full Length Nerv.ous Album after 7 Years

It was the same place, the same spot, but it was an entirely different feeling for Yogyakarta’s indie rock band, Nerv.ous, on their full length album launching party. In 2009, the band held a showcase at IFI (Insitut Francais Indonesia) Yogyakarta for their EP, and in October 31st, 2016 they returned for their full album concert. You could see that the event was prepared well by Yellow Management, starting from the stage decoration, the music performances, and the visual (video mapping) during the concert. The showcase was divided in two sessions namely “Black” and “White”, and there was also a documentary video about the album-making process being played in between the two sessions. The uniqueness lied on the stage decoration, where upside-down mannequins were placed on the stage and also a distinctive video mapping in courtesy of The Departure (Raphael Donny). The band performed on a staircase-like stage, where the audience was supposed to sit.

Nerv.ous were not alone on this showcase as they also invited few collaborators and guest musician to share the same stage with them. DJ Ones played some electronic tunes to open the session with the addition of video mapping for his stage. Nerv.ous then entered the stage with “Black” session and started their set with a song called “Gelap”. The performance was brought into a halt for twenty minutes, before proceeding to the second session which is “White”. To match the sessions’ themes, the-four-piece dressed with black wardrobe during the first session and changed into white outfits during the second. “White” session was also titled “Nerv.ous and friends”, where they brought out their fellow musicians to perform together. Musician Danu Kusuma Wardhana, played the violin in two songs and Farid Stevy, a visual artist, the frontman of band FSTVLST and also the designer of Nerv.ous’ album artwork, took the stage during the song “23”. Farid hilariously did not sing the lyrics to the song, and chose to read the message on his mobile phone’s inbox instead.

Nerv.ous Album Launching Party
Collaboration with Farid Stevy – Nerv.ous Album
Credit: Kresno Bagus

The album launching party was meant to redeem Nerv.ous’ “debt” to their friends and fans, who always support them, even during their hiatus from late 2011. After releasing the single “Lagu Angsa”, they also plan to embark on a tour across Indonesia in 2017. Albeit the unique concept and execution, the concert fell short for the audience’s participation and the band’s engagement to those who had come to the show. Hopefully, Nerv.ous could deliver more astonishing performance in the future, especially for the next year’s tour. Watch the music video for their single “Lagu Angsa” below