SORE Wonderland TrilogySORE Unveil “Wonderland Trilogy” Which is “Plastik Kita”, “Tatap Berkalam” and “I Never Knew You In Wonderland”

On Friday (11/11), SORE released three music videos simultaneously on their website. Ade Paloh (vocal, guitar), Awan Garnida (vocal, bass), Reza Dwiputranto (vocal, guitar) dan Bemby Gusti (vocal, drum) come up with three videos which form a trilogy that is called “Wonderland Trilogy”. Even though they label it as a trilogy, the three videos are a stand alone audio visuals. However, each video has their own story which eventually fall under a big narration in which three humans struggle to live their lives, they have to face their destiny, loneliness, and hope. Ade Paloh, SORE’s vocalist and guitarist, as well as the lyricist took a part in these videos as a director with Daffa Andika on “Plastik Kita” and Aditya Arnoldi on “Tatap Berkalam”. “I Never Knew You In Wonderland” was directed by his friend, Milco Ricardo, who shot the urban landscape of Los Angeles. The video making process were done separately but the similarity in vision and interpretation of SORE’s songs through few conversations made Ade Paloh chose the aforementioned directors to work together with him to build a concept for the videos. Ade explained the meanings behind the three video in his elaborate way below.

“Plastik Kita” which were shot early this year symbolizes loneliness in a form of a child wearing a white shirt. The character weighs in his life which is quiet and dull, it further tells about human’s ability to accept themselves whoever they are in a society. The difference in each person is a gift, and we have to accept and compromise with it.

While “Tatap Berkalam” follows the story of a real person named Sigit Pramudita who works in a construction site. He thought that we should not just stand idle and wait for a gift to come, we have to go through a never-ending process of discovery and self-accepting. He tries to be happy and thankful for the life that he got, event though he also weighs in and measure his life with a hope of going “hijrah” someday.

At last, “I Never Knew You In Wonderland” is the closure of the trilogy that narrates about the introduction between two humans in an expected journey, just to realize that they actually never know each other very well and choose to drift apart but side by side. A filthy hut in the middle of the desert become a meeting point that both people never visited.

The “Wonderland Trilogy” is also the end of their album “Los Skut Leboys” era. SORE are now in the midst of preparing their new EP which is scheduled to be released next year.