Stars & Rabbit "Man Upon The HIll"
Photo by: Triaji Jati

Stars & Rabbit Reveal Enchanting New Single “Man Upon The Hill”

“I should be happy”, yes you should, we should, everyone should. Having a troubling past should not stop you for being happy and content with your life and the future. Folk duo from Yogyakarta, Stars & Rabbit reveal the third single from their “Constellation” album which is “Man Upon The Hill”. They have just got back from their recent tour in UK called “Baby Eyes” and also have released previous two singles “The House” and “Like It Here”. The duo also already held their solo concert called “Grow” in Yogyakarta early this year and Asia tour from May to June last year to promote their debut album. Moreover, the new single tells about the process of moving on from the past, confronting it and deciding that it is time to move on and continue life. Elda said that this song is like a closing chapter of her past and all its dynamics.

“I thought it was over, but the situation got more complicated when a hope rose in me. My subconscious has not been able to receive the truth, then it re-surfaced and it held me back from moving forward. This has happened for a long time and it is tiring”, she added in a press release. In a closing statement she told to give space for people we love to find their own happiness, so in the end she could be happy and release the burden of her past. The music for “Man Upon The Hill” is cheerful indicating the message from Stars & Rabbit for the listeners to be happy. The duo is also scheduled to perform on Laneway Festival Singapore in 2017 along with fellow Indonesian act, Bottlesmoker. Listen to the single below and keep updated with Stars & Rabbit on

Man Upon The Hill