Photobook Exhibition by Goethe-Institute
Discussion with Markus Schaden
Photobook as a Visual Culture,  A Discussion by Goethe-Institut Jakarta

Photobook is often thought as a book that contains photos that were taken by a photographer. Goethe-Institute in collaboration with PannaFoto Institute, Japan Foundation and Afterhours Books try to give a deeper understanding about the purpose of a photobook as a whole. We got invited to an open discussion session that was held in November 5th at GoetheHaus Jakarta, with the theme “Photobook as A Visual Culture”. Markus Schaden, a photography expert and workshop mentor explained about the importance of a photobook both for the photographers and the readers. Through the pictures that were put in a mannerly layout, people got to see the photographer’s insight and ideas behind the pictures and the readers would understand the message from the photographers.

Photobook Exhibition by Goethe-Institute
Photobook Exhibition

Goethe-Institut with PannaFoto Institute also have worked together to curate photobooks that could perfectly capture Indonesia’s visual culture. Through the curation process, Schaden will once again select three most stand-out books and makes them Markus Schaden’s Choice. From what we saw at the exhibition, it was amusing to see a photobook with 2 languages (bilingual), with a same theme, in one book. The pictures on the photobooks also gave new perspectives on how we perceive Indonesia’s culture. One of the most intriguing theme of the photobook is “emptiness” that sparked our curiosity, on how could the idea popped out of the photographers’ mind and how he interpreted it through his works. There were also various choices of photobooks from Japan in courtesy of The Japan Foundation, who brought them directly from the land of rising sun.

Photobook Exhibition by Goethe-InstituteThe exhibition itself will be held throughout November 2nd until November 13th from 11.00 AM – 19.00 PM (Monday to Saturday) and 10.00 AM – 15.00 PM (Sunday). There were also several workshops held for selected artworks only. Another discussion will be held on November 12th with the theme “The Riders of Destiny” from 16.00 PM to 18.00 PM with speakers from Afterhours Book. Photographers Romi Perbawa and Lans Brahmantyo will explain and discuss about the making of photobook titled “The Riders of Destiny” from different angles of the photographers and the publisher. For those who unfortunately have to miss the opportunity to see the exhibition, there will be another exhibition held in Surabaya in December 2016 at Wisma Jerman and in Bandung at Goethe-Institut in early 2017.

Pictures by: Audy Prasetya

Writer : Novita Widia