P!, An Indonesian Underwear Label That Empowers Women

Good thing comes in a small package, the phrase is a great way to describe P!, a female underwear label based in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. We came across this label through our friend and we were intrigued by their unique design. P! is a label founded by Metta Cicilia Larasaty and her sister Ayu Dewita Saraswati, together they produce the underwear in Bali starting from picking the materials to designing, sewing and printing the underwear and the packaging as well. What makes P! stand out from the rest of the underwear label, is their take on female issues such as woman’s insecurities and feelings. Metta said that the idea came from her worries of being a woman, as well as her own experience and stories that were told to her by her female friends. There is an ongoing problem that disturbs her, about how women are perceived by others and how they treat themselves. All of the concerns above are then poured into P!

P!Moreover, Metta said that the project has become her own personal medium of therapy and being able to make something, gives her the energy and strength that she hopes will spread to many women out there. Underwear is chosen as the piece of clothing she wants to produce because of the perception that the cause of women’s problem is always from what lies between her thighs. Underwear can be the most personal medium to communicate with women’s feminine side and the words/captions are placed on it so it could become a private dialog between a woman and her body.

P!The words that can be found on P! underwear are “Shut Up! This Is My Body” and “Women Cry Is Normal It isn’t just because they are women” among others and they are powerful. Sometimes, women are ridiculed for their feelings, for their choices that sometimes do not fit in society’s traditional concept of being a woman. P! is aimed to bring back positivity and strengthen the mind and soul of those women. As we can see on their look book, P! do not use model sized female with a “perfect” type of physique and they would rather choose regular people to model their underwear. This further proves P!’s effort to break the “perfect woman” image that is perpetually planted on our brains since we were a child.

P!As a start, P! try to spread their brand awareness into women communities especially those which concern on gender equality and women empowerment, but later P! will start to enter a wider scope. Metta explained that even though P! has some promising business opportunity, she wants to emphasize the brand for its quality and message. Their venture into a mass market has a purpose to embrace more women from any kind of background and open up a new perspective for them. Being asked on her wish for P! in the future, she said, “I wish that P! is not only a choice for a comfortable and healthy underwear because its quality material, but also (it) becomes a friend to express, at least it could strengthen and remind us that women are also human, not an object.”

You could go straight to their Instagram and contact them directly for more information regarding their price and place an order (listed below). Metta hinted through our interview that P!’s very own bra line is on the work. We’re glad that a brand with a purpose like P! exists and helps to spread a positive movement among women, isn’t it time to embrace ourselves?

Catalog & Order information :
– P! Instagram : @p_perempuan
– Metta : 082113647975 (JAKARTA)
– Ayas : 082237093503 (BALI)

Writer: Novita Widia

Contributor: Talitha Y. A.