The Animen
Source: Badehaus Berlin
The Animen, the band who breaks the Swiss stereotype

In terms of music, if we are talking about Switzerland, we will be talking about classical, jazz, and also folk’s festivals. But it is different with the case of The Animen, a rock and roll indie band from Carouge, Switzerland. The Animen’s members are Théo Wyser (vox/guitar), Julien Marty (guitar/organ), Guillaume Louis (drum) and Robin Schneider (bass). With their 2 albums so far, they are becoming a promising Swiss band these days. Widely known in their homeland, now they are trying to conquer other countries especially in the neighboring Europe like Germany, Netherland, and France with a tour for their latest album “Are We There Yet?” that is still going to happen next month.

The band was formed in 2008 in Carouge, a city that is famous for its underground jazz music in their country. The Animen is actually a band that consists of 4 best friends who somehow grew up together since school and then started making music together. Having been called a rock and roll band, the band itself call their music as rock and soul “We play Rock ‘n’ Roll from the heart and from the soul” told the band in an interview. Their uniqueness lays in the voice of the vocalist and the catchy tunes of their songs. Some people might go as far as calling their music a reminiscence of rock and roll in its golden age. Listen to our favorite single from their 2013 debut album below

Writer: Dahlia C.