Bin Idris

Bin Idris, solo project from Sigmun’s vocalist deliver his first single

Who is Bin Idris? It is no other than Sigmun’s vocalist and guitarist, Haikal Azizi. He chose the moniker to represent his solo work and he has just launched his debut single called “Dalam Wangi” last Friday (10/21) via Orange Cliff Records. The single is inspired by the road where he resides in Bandung, which is called “Dalemwangi”. The song portrays human’s need of tranquility, peace and isolation from the outer world which he could find on that road.

Bin Idris becomes Azizi’s solo project where he is free to explore his music where the boundaries could only be limited by his own capabilities. He further added that going solo gives him obstacles with his limited skill, technical knowledge, and thoughts. But individuality also gives him a chance to reflect his personal issues and compromise his limitations. “Dalam Wangi” sounds somber and the lyrics is full of metaphorical phrases that needs deeper understanding.

His solo album is planned to be released on November through the aforementioned record label. Listen to the haunting “Dalam Wangi” below