Dendi Nata Misery Single & MVDendi Nata Exudes Brit Pop Feels through “Misery”

We had an opportunity to cover Semarang’s latest soloist, Dendi Nata, who has just released a single called “Misery”. The curly haired musician, used the chance of releasing his new music to introduce the listeners to the real Dendi Nata. Prior to this new release, Dendi has unveiled previous efforts called “Let It Out” and “Berganti”. Especially during “Berganti” era, Dendi Rata received warm welcome and great response from listeners alike for his pop-sounding single. This time, “Misery” includes a broader range of musical influence that stays true to Dendi Nata’s character. His influences include Brit-pop, rock & roll, and 80’s pop. He cited the likes of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Sean Ono Lennon as his muses. Through catchy refrain and tingling verses that will get stuck in your head, “Misery” showcases yet another promising future for this soloist.

Talking about the real meaning behind “Misery”, the singer/songwriter said that his personal love life and an encounter with a free-spirited woman encouraged him to compose this song. “I was inspired to compose this song when I met this woman. I think that she was a cool person, but her carefree nature and her loathing towards any commitment with anyone made me confused,” told Dendi. The singer bares it all through his witty lyrics that are told throughout the song. Furthermore, “Misery” also got its own music video directed by Kukuh which is filled with lots of symbolism and sexual innuendo. There are two female models on the music video, who portray the love and lust that resides within human. Dendi Nata believes that lust that he sees in the woman he met was just temporary, while real love will be eternal. 

The release of “Misery” prolongs his dream to reveal more honest and lightweight music as a singer/songwriter. He hopes to release a debut album some time this year. Beforehand, if you love the sounds from 80’s pop or early years of Brit-pop era, “Misery” should easily become your latest favorite. Listen to the song here and enjoy the music video as well!