Lellaki Teller Sadarku Single ReviewCaptured by Lellaki Telerr’s Unique Voice on “Sadarku”

Do not let his afro and masculinity fool you to think that a heavy timbre or bass-like voice will be heard on “Sadarku”, a debut song by a singer who goes by the name Lellaki Telerr. The musician whose real name is Gabriel Permanas a.k.a Gaby hails from Malang and he used to be the vocalist of a pop-punk band named Dogies Barks. Having no opportunity to showcase his fondness towards another genre in his past project, Gaby decided to channel his inner pop star on Lellaki Telerr. Through a press release we received, he explained that “Sadarku” talks about the regret of leaving someone who was so precious to him. His remorse is shown through the lyrics which are expressed in Bahasa Indonesia. We were quite taken aback once his voice was heard because we expected an opposite type of vocal coming through from him.

His voice reminded us of soloist Mika or Foster The People’s vocalist, high pitched with a lot of nasal sounds. The music is rather generic and not very memorable on the first listen. It’s the type of song that you can digest so easily, yet hard to get stuck on your mind without second or third listen. Gaby chronicled the process of making this song by writing the lyrics first in the form of a poem. Then, he filled in the guitar and keyboard part with the help of Daniel on drum and Andreas on bass. It was later mixed and mastered at RNJB Beats Studio at Batu. With this kind of unique voice, we hope Lellaki Telerr would find the perfect vehicle to utilize his ability. “Sadarku” might only be a warm-up, so we expect something larger and bolder for his next release. Listen to the song on your favorite digital streaming services.