The Comingbacks It Remains The SameThe Comingbacks Riot on “It Remains The Same”

Throughout the chaotic political situation that is happening at the moment, a musical unit hailing from Malang, The Comingbacks return with a tune that befits the moment. Titled “It Remains The Same”, the song talks about their tiredness of living in a world that doesn’t adapt to changes. The combination of crossover thrash, hardcore-punk, and stoner doom made up The Comingbacks’ music. To add a little bit more edge, of course, you will hear a lot of scream and distortion that sounds the best while being brought in live performances. There is no other word to describe their music other than banging. “It Remains The Same” also gets a music video treatment which was directed by Wahyu Wicaksono & 2 SXDE. It complements the song well as you could see a footage of violence, demonstration, and youth who had enough with all the bullsh*t that is happening in the world. Watching this video while realizing the current situation our country faces because the legislation refuse to acknowledge our needs, made the experience even more eye-opening.

If you get pumped up to their song, and you happen to live in Jakarta or Bandung, then you are about to hear a good news. The Comingbacks have planned to embark on a tour on the west side of Java by performing in Jakarta and Bandung. The tour officially called “West Side Bombed Out! Tour”, they are slated to bring some ruckus on September 27th, 2019 at PSPT Rooftop, Tebet, Jakarta. While Bandung will witness the band’s energetic music on September 29th, 2019 at Festival Kampung Kota happening in Taman Sari Bandung. After releasing this single, the band plan to release their debut album called “Discord” on various digital platforms. In the meantime, if you want to know more about their songs, peek their discography at The Comingbacks’ official Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Get your spirit amped up by watching their music video below.