Downbeat Moira Single and Music VideoDownbeat Breaks Boundaries with New Single “Moira”

A wedding band usually does cover of popular romantic songs, and Downbeat is no exception to that stereotype. However, Downbeat aims to break boundaries by releasing their own original songs. Hailing from Malang, the R&B band began their debut in the music industry by releasing “Milky Way” last year. Receiving warm support from the listeners, Downbeat continues to compose more original songs and has now released their second single called “Moira”. Upon the first listen, “Moira” contains less groove compared to their debut song. It has a slower tempo with lyrics echoing about a cruel fate that fall to two people falling in love. Even though it is less groovy, “Moira” still maintains Downbeat’s character of showing strong vocals. If you listen to it closely, there are layers of backing vocals can be found on this song. The instruments are kept simple and very traditional R&B like. It reminds us of early 2000 R&B songs from Monica, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, or even Tamar Braxton. “Moira” gets a visualisation treatment with the help of filmmaker Prialangga.Downbeat Moira Single and Music Video

Starting out with a scene of a couple who spoke to each other about their uncertain relationship, zodiac became the inspiration of the characters in this story. Named Ario and Mira, these two fall in love hard, but it doesn’t mean that Ario wants to take things further. Becoming doubtful with Ario’s unwillingness to make their relationship official, their love are slated to meet a cruel fate. What happens next on this plot can be watched on the music video found on Downbeat’s official Youtube channel. “I created these characters based on the study of zodiac, so I could give them strong personalities. The location, each character’s habit, and their lines were also based on their zodiacs,” said Prialangga. Taking four days in the making, this video shows a more honest and raw cinematography as the filmmaker wanted to exude an atmosphere that is most familiar to the viewers. Enjoy “Moira” on various digital streaming services and please your eyes with their music video below.