Dipha Barus & Monica Karina You Move Me ReviewDipha Barus Reunites with Monica Karina on New Single “You Move Me”

Some things are just meant to be together, like peanut butter and jelly, krupuk and sweet soy sauce, as well as Dipha Barus and Monica Karina. This two link up once again for a new single called “You Move Me”. First appearing on Dipha Barus’ track called “Money Honey (Count Me In)”, the single blew up and introduced Monica Karina to the EDM scene. Together, they found chemistry in music that spans more than a single. Dipha Barus and Monica Karina’s collaboration can be found on another single called “Skin to Skin”. As the first release of Dipha Barus under his new label, Ultra Music, “You Move Me” accentuates what Dipha does best. It is combining a whole array of musical influences including Indonesian traditional music, Baile, Afro, soul, R&B, up to gospel, This combination can actually be found as well on “Money Honey (Count Me In)”, however it was only emphasized during the chorus. On “You Move Me”, Dipha Barus doesn’t hold back and delivers those aforementioned musical influences from the get-go.Dipha Barus & Monica Karina You Move Me Review

Paired with Monica Karina’s delicate voice, “You Move Me” shows both musicians’ characteristic well. This song also has an inspirational message behind it. The song talks about every aspect of life that inspires people to do the best they could. “’ You Move Me’ is one of my favorite songs, as it really shows my personal side about what inspires me. Through my music, I try to give back all the good vibrations I get, within this song. Hopefully, this song can also move your beautiful soul, ” says Dipha. The lyrics are empowering and serves a plethora of positivity. Albeit sounding a bit similar to “Money Honey (Count Me In)” in terms of its musical influence, the drastic theme change could be the factor that lures you into this song. Proclaiming the song as an anthem that people could sing along to, Monica Karina stated the importance of being in love with your surroundings and yourself. This song has made its live debut during Dipha Barus’ set on We The Fest 2019. If this is the first release of the famous DJ/producer under Ultra Music, we only have high hopes for his upcoming tracks. Listen to “You Move Me” on various digital platforms below.