Review: “Asterix: The Secret of The Magic Potion” Blew Us Away!

In the stream of Disney’s movement to turn animated movies into live-action movies, the same term doesn’t apply in Asterix and Obelix universe as their new movie called “Asterix: The Secret of The Magic Potion” was made in animation. The Gallian duo who is famous for their hilarious banter submerged themselves into an unforgettable adventure that involves magic, wizard, and secret potion. On the region of Gaul, an elderly druid named Getafix accidentally broke his leg while trying to pick a mistletoe. Due to his inability to make the magic potion, they must find a replacement who is as capable as Panoramix. Asterix and Obelix were appointed to find an apprentice to this wizard before Romans attacked their village along with the wizard who owns the recipe of the magic potion. In other news, an evil wizard named Sulfurix tried to steal the recipe of the magic potion as well as the necessary golden sickle to harvest an important ingredient. Will Asterix and Obelix succeed in their quest and save Gaul from the war?

Asterix The Secret of Magic Potion Review

First of all, we must give our appreciation to René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo, and Alexandre Astier who wrote the script of this movie. It was adventurous, funny, and packed with actions that can only be realized with animation. From the start to finish, we were taken on a journey across the magical Gaul. The apprentice who wanted to replace Getafix presented a bold but dumb personality that made us laugh immensely. The combination of Asterix and Obelix never failed to perform amazing chemistry and jokes. We were blown away by the fact that this movie resembles the comic version of Asterix and Obelix. The 3D-animation, albeit not as realistic or as detailed as Pixar produced animation, was done in a rather comical way. Dare we say that this French-produced movie was better than the live-action version. If you love the adventure of Asterix and Obelix, you should not miss out this film while it is being screened across theaters in Indonesia.Asterix The Secret of Magic Potion Review