Mocca Ardhito Pramono Collaboration InterviewMocca Dishes Collaboration with Ardhito Pramono and More

Mocca is known as a pop band who blends a bit of jazz and swing in their music. On another side, new musician Ardhito Pramono is known for his gentle approach to pop-jazz. When these two are combined, wouldn’t it become such a perfect collaboration with their similar genre and outlook in music? The question can be answered through their collaboration shown on a video published on Mocca’s official Youtube channel on July 10th, 2019. Having met earlier through a radio interview session on Trax FM, Jakarta. The two then went on an impromptu jamming session. Their chemistry was undeniable and as they talked to each other and sang together on Mocca’s classic hit “On The Night Like This”. It seems like the universe is in favor of this collaboration as they met again on Panhead Studio for a jamming session that turns into real collaboration. On the studio, they collaborated on two tracks namely “This Conversation” which is known as a Mocca’s song with Bob Tutupoly and “Bitterlove” which is Ardhito Pramono’s breakout hit.

We had the chance to interview Mocca regarding this collaboration and they cannot hide their excitement about their project with Ardhito Pramono. “Basically our music has the same element, the same reference, which is music from the ’40s – ’60s era, so it wasn’t so hard to combine both,” said Mocca when asked whether there was a challenge to infuse their music. Ardhito Pramono has uttered his admiration towards the band as well, as he cited that he has listened to Mocca’s discography since he was young. The band who is hailing from Bandung only has good words for their fellow collaborator and said that Ardhito has so much potential and a good attitude. Seeing their great chemistry from this collaboration, Mocca is willing to take it up a notch. “Of course! We want to compose a new song or collaborate live on stage (re: with Ardhito Pramono). Since we’ve found undeniable chemistry while we jammed on those previous sessions,” continued Mocca. Before the universe heard their wish once again and grant an original piece from Mocca and Ardhito Pramono, you’d better watch their jamming session below!