Child's Play Review Movie 2019Review: “Child’s Play” Serves A Futuristic Version of Chucky

It is not 1990’s everyone, you read it right because a new remake/reboot of this iconic thriller film is here in 2019. The original “Child’s Play” which was screened in 1998 tells the story of a man who transferred his evil soul through a doll named Chucky with a voodoo. It seems like the black magic concept isn’t relevant anymore in this digitalized era, so the scriptwriter for the new reboot version – Tyler Burton Smith, wrote a whole different concept for the modern thriller story. It was told that a multi-national company called Kaslan Corporation had launched a new collection of hi-tech dolls that was set to accompany their owners until their death. This doll has the ability to respond and react to their surroundings just like a friend in the form of a doll. The dolls, called Buddi, became a worldwide phenomenon and one of the owners happens to be a deaf child named Andy. Unfortunately, Andy received a dysfunctional doll that has been sabotaged by one of the workers in the factory. Disarming all of its safety protocol, the doll became too attached to Andy and killed everything that bothered this child. Child's Play Review Movie 2019

The film, unlike the original story, lacks the horror origin that we were familiar with. Instead, watching the new version of “Child’s Play” gave us a “Black Mirror” vibe. The combination of sci-fi and thriller in the scenario played well throughout the film. As expected, there were lots of blood and killing scenes in this movie. However, those scenes were apparently cut due to its harsh depiction of blood and gore acts. If you’d like to compare this one to the original, we suggest that you scrap the idea once and for all. Because the new “Child’s Play” offers its own line of thrill and jump scares that are more modern and polished. The doll is less terrifying when it is silent, but when it is talking and moving, prepare to jump out from your seats. “Child’s Play” is now playing on theaters across Indonesia. Go watch it if you miss the ol’ Chucky with the revamped tech!

Reviewer: Prasetya Ardhana/Editor: Novita Widia