Kaveh Kanes Ambushed Music VideoBe Envious with This Couple from “Ambushed” Video by Kaveh Kanes

Dream pop connoisseur, Kaveh Kanes, has released their latest album in 2018. This sophomore record called “Loanwords” becomes not only a musical milestone for the band but also a milestone to their life growth. Love plays a huge factor in this album and the journey to find the perfect relationship was poured into one of the lead single called “Ambushed”. We fell in love instantly with this song upon the first spin, but the music video only adds more reason why this becomes the most sentimental and heartfelt tunes from the band yet. According to an exclusive interview we did with the band earlier this year, “Ambushed” becomes one of the favorites from the three members of Kaveh Kanes namely Asad, Hafid, and Zaim. “Ambushed” takes a whole different approach than Kaveh Kanes’ previous video for “The Fountain”. When “The Fountain” explores a unique concept of various stories with different scenarios and separated universes, “Ambushed” is just a simple showcase of affection from two lovebirds.

The concept of this music video was written, directed, produced, and directed by a talented lady named Ainun Radityasari. She also lent her talent in acting by becoming the main leading lady on this one, playing an opposite to Boe Brown. The video was shot in lo-fi style cinematography. Edited like it was filmed using a vintage mobile phone, watching the video is like reminiscing an old love story. Riding a motorbike, going to the beach, spending intimate times together became a routine that the two never got bored of. Those who haven’t found their true love must prepare a huge heart watching this video because we cannot guarantee that you won’t be envious with these two. Kaveh Kanes who is now a roster under Anoa Records has released two music videos from “Loanwords” era. Do you like the simple approach from this video or you like the one with a unique concept like “The Fountain” better?