Aladdin Movie ReviewReview: “Aladdin” Gave Us A Pleasant Surprise Throughout The Movie

Disney’s live-action could be either really bad or really great and once they decided to remake the classic “Aladdin”, we have a pretty high expectation for it. However, the internet and hardcore fans of this beloved animated tale seemed to be distressed before its final release. The trailer wasn’t great and showed little to no effort in showing how grand the kingdom of Agrabah is with the dance and all. Will Smith’s regular character as a human without genie’s famous blue skin also added more worries to the fans. With worries piling up, we went to see “Aladdin” with little expectation met with an entirely different verdict. “Aladdin” is an actually pleasant movie to watch and as much as the CGI became an apparent distraction, we were entertained throughout the movie. First of all, we wanted to praise Will Smith’s brilliant interpretation of the genie who’s funny, noisy, and a tad bit pushy. He absorbs the genie character to a T and we could not imagine another actor reprising this role in a live-action other than Mr. Smith.

Aladdin Movie Review
Jasmine (played by Naomi Scott)

Naomi Scott who acts as Jasmine and Mena Massoud as Aladdin gave us refreshing change as they became the new faces of Disney. The movie which is also a musical, managed to satisfy our longing to old-time anthems like “A Whole New World” or “Arabian Nights”. The plot is a little bit twisted from the original animated version, to show modern relevancy which we adore. The movie went on showing female empowerment that resides within the role of Jasmine. We love a powerful princess who knows what she does and loves her people. The singing on the film albeit a bit cringe-worthy for its weird timing still presented a delightful touch to this Guy Ritchie’s directed movie. In the end, “Aladdin” is another example of Disney’s successful interpretation and development from its original story and seeing this success, more live-action movies are incoming in the following months and years. Are you excited to see the live-action of “Lion King”, “Mulan”, and other Disney classics?Aladdin Movie Review